Observations of an indigenous seed gatherer


Blue Devil Caterpillar

We have discovered five clumps of the unusual spiky metallic blue wildflowers called Blue Devils, Eryngium ovinum, in our paddocks this year.They weren’t there last year or the year before. The clusters of black tubers that send up flower stalks each spring must have survived for years in the ground waiting for favourable conditions. The interesting thing was these delicate caterpillars that appeared to be exclusively grazing on the blue devils. Which moth depends on this plant as a food source?



Greenhood Orchid with a long nose



Sickle Greenhood Orchid was in the Snow Gum Flora Reserve at Ruffy

Brilliant Sun Orchid



Found spectacular orchid today . Unfortunately orchids are very hard to grow from seed.

Swainsonias galore



A blooming field of Broughton Peas at our Wetlandia  block. Will I collect any seed this season?

Pollinators at work



Swarms of  Soldier Beetles acting as pollination agents. These non- specialized insects raise the level of gene flow between eucalypt populations as pollen is moved during flowering periods.

Fuzzy New Holland Daisy



Billy Button seed heads


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